Friday, 13 June 2014


Hello gorgeous people,how una dey? Happy weekend in advance o
Question of the day: Have you scrubbed your lips today? Are your lips kissable? hehe Are they soft and supple? Are they like fresh bread outta the oven?Are they as soft as mine? LOL Oya lemme get serious *straight face*
Came across this interesting post by a fellow blogger Maquillage by Lisa on benefits of scrubbing your lips and I thought to share with you guys.
So here is the link to the post, be sure to share with your friends, spouse and parents.
Benefits of scrubbing your lips
Lip scrub II

Enjoy the read

Hugs & Kisses

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- Isaiah 61:7(NLT)


  1. My lips are kissable...even if I have no desire of kissing anyone. Just saying. I know the importance of taking care of the lips and maintaining it colour whether red or pink. Anyway thanks for sharing.

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