Friday, 27 December 2013

What I did and where I went on Boxing Day

Hello beautiful people, how are you guys doing? Compliments of the season! What did you guys do on Christmas day? For me, I cooked and cooked and cooked and there was so much food even our dogs had a share of the Christmas rice.
What did you do on Boxing day? hmmm I had fun, so much fun mouth no go fit talk am, that is why I have decided to share with you guys. We (My friends and I) planned a double date to Lekki Leisure Lake.
First of all we had previously seen a few reviews about the place including Sisi Yemmie's review and that was our driving force, we just wanted to explore and we sure did, lemme gist you...

Story Story! Once upon a Boxing day!...
Le boo and I set out to hit the Island from Ikeja and by the grace of God the ride was smooth, we were to meet up with our lovely friends Tomi and Omobola. We were going o, jejely driving behind our friend Tomi who said he knew the place, we entered Lekki phase1 like people who knew where we were going, we sited a spot that looked really nice with boats and ajebutter children and rushed to park only for us to realize 'This place does not look like what we saw in the review' so we decided to ask where we were and found out we were at one garden like that (can't remember the name).
We drove away in search of our destination, (bear in mind that we were still following Tomi o who said he knew the place LOL), we decided to stop and consult GOOGLE MAPS and by the grace of God we found the place in Lekki phase2 behind Vantage Hotel after touring the whole of Lekki...Praise the Lord!!!

 We were finally at our desired destination and we parked in anticipation for what we were to experience, as ajebutter children, we strolled to the gate, paid and went in and to our utmost surprise we were disappointed :(...the place was so crowded, we tried getting something to eat but the queue was endless and the customer service was messed up.
We decided to go check out the Quad bike area, that was even worse because every other person wanted to ride and it was just tiring, so we decided to take a stroll to the other side of the lake which looked to us like an abandoned beach.
This was the place mehn, this was were all the fun took place, we took pictures and played in the water.
The water was a bit dirty so we decided to head back to the lake to try out the Quad bike as we don already buy ticket.
There were so many people waiting already and we just could not wait so we went to return our tickets, only for us to get there and the guy there was saying crap like they don't do refund that we can use the ticket the next time we come (Say what??? I sure aint coming back here nigga) we had to stand by his kiosk and sell our tickets to people who wanted to ride.
That was how we sold our tickets and saved 8k and we left. All in all it was a good experience but the leisure lake is highly overrated, we tried to have fun tho and we did. We then headed back to Lekki phase1 to have lunch and traveled back home.

Thank God for safety and keeping us to see the end of the year 2013.
I hope you enjoyed my story? Thanks for reading

Your comments are important to me and I would like to know what you did and where you went to on Boxing day.

Photo credit: Omobola @omobolamissglam www,

Monday, 23 December 2013

How to get a flat stomach

Hi everyone, how you guys doing today? Do you have plans for the holiday yet? Well i am already on holidays and and i am enjoying every bit of it, and its giving me enough time to work on my blog thank God for that.
Today I am talking about Flat Stomach, oh yessssssss Flat Tommy you heard me right! Its a very sensitive topic especially for me, funny enough i do not have a big stomach i only wish it was flatter *wink*.

Here are a few steps to follow to achieve that dream flat abs.
1. Don't eat anything for two to three hours before you sleep.
Your body slows down when you sleep, which would prevent  the body from digesting the food in your stomach properly. You are also much less active in the evenings and at night, which means that your body would store the calories you consume late at night as fat, rather than burning them as energy. Say NO to late night feeding, try to stop eating two to three hours before going to bed.

2. Eat healthier
You need to eat more healthy foods and when i mean healthy i mean fruits, vegetables and whole grain and one very important step is to cut down on JUNK FOOD like candy, chips and fast food etc...this could be really hard considering the fact that there are so many sweet things to be eaten in this life but it is very possible and if you are able to conquer this then you are a few steps closer to success.Here are some simple changes you can make:
  • Eat lots of lean protein; Beans, nuts and lean meat, (lean meat is good as long as you don't eat the fat)
  • Eat whole grains; look for labels that say "100% whole grain or wheat", whole grain keeps you feeling full for a longer time.
  • Eat low-fat diary products
  • Eat healthy fats; Not all fat is actually bad, the mono-saturated fats found in avocados, nuts and fish oil are actually very good, just stay away from the trans fat found in processed foods and baked goodies
  • Lower your sodium intake; I am preaching to the choir here because I no dey hear word when it comes to salt but thank God for my life I have reduced my sodium intake. Sodium causes your body to retain water, which causes you to look bloated especially around your abdominal region, when ever possible switch regular table salt for kosher or sea salt which is lower in sodium and please stay away from soy sauce as it is full of it.
3. Reduce your portion sizes
You should eat just enough until you feel full and then stop, there is no joy in over feeding *straight face*. One good trick is to use smaller plates when eating and also try to fill half the plate with vegetables. Try to chew more slowly and thoroughly its helps to speed up the digestion process.

4.Eat small frequent meals

Replace your usual eating three large meals a day, with eating smaller, more regular meals. Many people make the mistake of eating nothing at all during the day and settle for a huge lump later in the day especially when they are trying to lose weight, however, this type of diet will negatively effect blood sugar levels and cause you to eat more due to hunger, thus making it harder to loose weight.
Having a small, healthy snack every three to four hours and not letting yourself go hungry is a much healthier and a more effective system.

5. Drink plenty water
Water is essential! I can say that over and over again because water is sweet.
You should replace all your regular beverages with water, especially soda and sugared drinks which are full of empty calories and will cause your stomach to bloat. Drinking lots of water will help to flush toxins out of your system and keep your bowels moving, both of which are essential for a flat stomach.
Pay attention to your body's signs. Your urine should be a light yellow or clear color; dark yellow with an odor could be a sign that you are dehydrated. NA WA OH!

6. Cut down on alcohol
Aha hehehehehehehehehehehehe what can i say about this? I am preaching to my own personal choir here *covers face* 
We should seriously consider cutting down alcohol, particularly wine and beer,they are full of calories (scary fact: one bottle of wine contains roughly 600 calories), thank God i don't take beer sha.
Alcohol consumption also releases estrogen into the system, which is undesirable, as excess estrogen causes the body to retain weight. Oh my God *covers face again*
Alcohol also stimulates appetite and causes willpower to melt away, making you much more likely to binge on all the things you've been depriving yourself of, like burgers, fries, pizza, chocolate and potato chips.

7. Exercise
This cannot be over emphasized, activities such as dancing, running, swimming, cycling and walking at a good pace will all provide a great aerobic workout, in fact, anything that brings your heart rate up will do the trick and don't forget to include ab exercises. 

Thats all I have got right now guys, I hope these tips would help you in your quest for your dream Flat Stomach.
Thanks for reading and please leave your comment below and If you have any tips you would like to share please feel free would love to read about it.

Friday, 20 December 2013

My Christmas wish list

Airlo people, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, compliments of this wonderful season!
so its been a while and I want to thank all my readers and faithful commenters for keeping this blog going, 2013 is coming to an end fast and its been great so far and this season is a season of giving, that is why i want to share with the world MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST :D. The wonderful things you are about to see are some God's wonderful creations which i so desire to have and to hold in the name of Jesus. If you feel led by the Holy spirit to bless a sister please do so and Baba God go bless you...Amin

The first on my vanity wish list is the Samsung S4 zoom, oh yesssss! I want this baby,eh even if some people would say why don't u just get a real camera...yea yea i want that too *tongue out*

Ehen Number 2 is one Mac 2014 spring collection mascara, hmmm oh yea blessed please bless a sister this season

Next on the list is Nail Polishes!!!!! This i can cry for, infact if anyone knows where i can get these babies in Nigeria pls let me know *on my knees*
hmmm my dear sisters I wee not deceive myself, I cannot afford this one now eh but my God is a God of possibilities...

Next is this watch of life, I know Micheal Kors is on almost every lip now but i'm not after the name, just after the beauty. I could also go for fossil or any other designer tho...if the Lord is speaking to you please heed to his instructions.

Ok my people now you see what i am talking about, I want allllllllllllllll *straight face*... Please if you have any useful information on these goodies please send me a mail to and God wld bless you.
Pls leave your comments below, would love to know what is on your own Christmas wish list. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Secret to getting better results from your workout

Hello people, how ya all doing this morning? Happy New Month!!!!!!! Yaay I love November because its my Mummy and Older Sister's birthday month...*dancing skelewu* lol 
I have had a good week and thank God its friday mehn!!!! A lot has been going on in my life lately so i apologize that i have been MIA :( please forgive a sister *muaaah* thanchu

I want to share with you today what I learnt from an article I read written by Kit Rich, yeah you might not know her, don't worry one day you would get to know her. I will also include a link from my friends blog below about knowing your body type, she has a wonderful blog you should check it out.

She talked about picking the right workout for your body type, As we all know knowledge is key and if we want to remain selxy for our future hubbys or if you already have one we have to work out. 

Quick question: Have you noticed that one type of exercise gives you a better result than others? Well, whether you like it or not, its determined by your genetics...yeah! that's right, how your body responds to certain exercises is mostly due to family genes.

Technically, there are three names for different body types: ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs, see more details here: Body types; Did you know? 
As silly as it is, the simple yet common description of body types- apple, pear and string bean is the best way to figure out what form of exercise will be most effective for you. Remember that although genetics play a huge part, ultimately its your healthy choices that determine whether or not you become the best version of you.
Personally, I have been a bad girl lately *covers face* been eating a lot of junks, maybe because i am on holidays with my bobo but that is not an excuse and to make things worse i am not even exercising *whew* don't worry I wee change in Jesus name.

Heres how to figure out your body type and adjust your workout accordingly

Pear shapes tend to be bigger in the thighs, butt and stomach area with a smaller upper body.

Fitness recommendation
Work multiple muscles(both legs and arms), do cardio for 30 minutes three times a week and include weight training too. Try doing exercises back to back with little rest in between.

Apple shapes carry more weight around the mid-section.

Fitness recommendation
Apple shapes should focus on varied compound exercises or strength training moves. Make sure to switch up the exercises regularly to keep your body guessing and burning fat. Try 40-60 minutes of moderate cardio up to five times a week.

String beans
They have faster metabolisms and are long, lean and have a hard time gaining weight or muscle.

Fitness recommendation
When strength training, use heavier weights but do fewer reps to help gain definition, it is recommended to do less cardio.

That is all my people, please leave your comments below and I would do well to respond. God bless you and have a great weekend *muahhh*   

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Letter to my little Angel

Firstly, I want to say that I love you and I will always love you even if I haven't met you yet.
For now you are just a thought, like a memory I want to have but must live through first, but I am confident you will join us someday soon...not tomorrow or nextweek but soon.
I dream of knowing you, of learning more about you, what type of person you will be, if you would have your daddy's nose, if you would have my eyes or your daddy's long legs.
With all my heart I promise...
I will always tell you the truth ; as you get older this will prove more difficult but always necessary, it will put me in a position of being your least favourite person sometimes but I will do it.
I will make your education top priority
I will grow with you; I will do my best to be a model to you, your light will shine brighter and further than mine for sure. Learning and growing is something we would never stop doing, as a mother, as a woman and as a friend I promise to grow up with you.
I will be your mother and your friend ; there will always be a responsibility for me that extends beyond friendship, no matter how old you are or how accomplished you become I will be your mother and you will always be able to count on me.
I will love you madly ; I will be your biggest cheerleader and feel your smallest pain. This love will cause me to be unreasonable and smothering, where ever you go and whatever you do, this love would wrap around you like a shield of protection, telling the world that nothing is impossible because you are my daughter.
These and a lot more I promise to do by the grace of God.

One thing I know without any doubt and beyond what my mind can comprehend is that God loves you more than you can imagine and he already knows so much about you...he will always be with you.

I can't wait to meet you

I love you always

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Did u know that Watermelon isn't even a fruit? Yeah neither did I

Watermelon is thought to have originated in Kalahari Desert of Africa, the first recorded watermelon harvest occurred nearly 5,000 years ago in Egypt (plenty grammar...let me nor bore u guys eh)

So I was having watermelon for dinner and the light bulb came on :) and I was like hey! Why don't I blog about my healthy dinner lol

Okay so here it goes...
Not only is Watermelon refreshing and sweet, it quenches ya thirst and it contains lycopene(Google it if u dunno what it is) well, for those who no sabi Google it is a fat soluble antioxidant, watermelon is a healthy food choice that may help reduce the risks of cancer and other diseases Pls don't quote me o,quote google (na dem know pass)
Like I was saying...It is an excellent source of vitamin A,B6 and C and contains fiber and potassium, it has no fat or cholesterol...Good for your body! Good for your body!

To all those fruit sellers WATERMELON is a VEGETABLE and cucumber is his cousin :) watermelon is one of my best fru...vegetables and I am loving it even more.

So guys get chopping! Eat as much as you can cos it's healthy! Btw I think almost everybody knows that.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

#ChildNotBride Lending my voice

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, poor self esteem, somatization, insecurity, sleep disorders, trust issues, post traumatic stress disorders, conduct disorder, teenage pregnancy, self inflicted harm...etc, these and a lot more are effects of child sexual abuse.

The physical and emotional pain a child goes through when molested is unimaginable, the fear within to tell anyone especially if it's a family member, the sleepless nights because she is scared someone else might creep up on her...its heartbreaking

The torture she goes through, hot tears rushing down her face as she weeps in pain, a past she never wants to remember

That's how bad it is and worse, no child would gladly accept to feel this way please let's not force them into the unending torture

Child marriage is child sexual abuse, the undeveloped organs in the bodies of the little girls being put under distress is unbearable to imagine...She is a child not a bride

Imagine watching your 13years old daughter being molested by a 40years old man! It's a horrible sight right? It's heart burning. We definitely don't want to see our babies get pregnant for some randy old fool. Oh yes we might say it's the poor people that would give their daughters away, if they had a choice they would not, dey do not have a voice to speak...please let's help them.

We have the gadgets and the resources the help them fight this selfish men who have stooped so low and degraded to this horrible point.

When a child becomes a bride, She is denied;
The right to an education.
The right to be protected from physical and mental violence, injury or abuse, including sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation.
The right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health.
The right to rest and leisure, and to participate freely in cultural life.
The right to not be separated from parents against the child's will.
The right to protection against all forms of exploitation affecting any aspect of the child’s welfare.
The right to eventual employment.

Let's speak for our babies and fight against the passage of the bill.

Join your voice and share this post
Please do not ignore...its a passionate cry of a young child.

Thank you.

Monday, 5 August 2013

We speak different languages

Hey guys,how u doing? Happy new month!!! I pray this month brings you joy and extraordinary blessings in Jesus name :)

Ok so I'm back again with my gist u I'm not saying I am a relationship expert but I have learnt a lot from studying and experience and I want to share this information with you guys.

You see, the male and female languages have the same words but the way they are used give different meanings, their expressions are similar but they have different emotional emphasis.

Expressing feelings VS Expressing information
Men and women seldom mean the same things, even when they use the same words.
For example, when a woman says "I feel like you never listen" she does not expect the word never to be taken seriously. Using the word never is just a way of expressing the frustration she is feeling at the moment, it is not to be taken as factual information.

To fully express our feelings, we (women) assume poetic license to use various superlatives, metaphors and generalizations.

Sadly men mistakenly take these expressions literally because they misunderstand the intended meaning :(

Common complaints that are easily misinterpreted
Women say this                              Men respond like this
- We never go out                       That is not true,we went out last week

- Nothing is working                   Are you saying it's my fault?

- I want more romance                Are you saying I'm not romantic?

Guys do you get the drift?
You see how your responses can lead to arguments?
Unclear and unloving communication is the biggest problem in relationships, though good communication requires participation on both sides.

For a woman, a dramatic language implies a particular request. If a man listening to a woman can recognise the implied request and respond accordingly, she will feel truly heard and loved.

One of the biggest challenge for men is to interpret and support a woman correctly when she is talking about her feelings, while the biggest challenge for women is to interpret and support a man correctly when he isn't talking....silence is mostly easily misinterpreted by women
We need to understand that men and women think and process information differently, women think aloud sharing their process of inner discovery with an interested listener.

Women need to understand that when he is silent he is saying "I don't know what to say yet but I'm thinking about it". In this case, it is easy for a woman to imagine the worst because the only time a woman would be silent is when what she has to say would be hurtful or when she doesn't want to talk to the person anymore.
Women have a lot to learn about men before their relationships can be really fulfilling.
We need to learn that when a man is upset or stressed up he will automatically stop talking and go to his "cave" to work things out.

Both men and women need to stop offering the method of care they would prefer and start to learn the different ways their partners think, feel and react.

A woman should not be judged for needing reassurance, just as a man should not be judged for needing to withdraw.

As a man learns to listen and interpret a woman's feelings correctly, communication becomes easier and as with any art listening requires practice but it's worth it at the end.
So get practising guys!!! I hope I don't sound like I'm pressuring the guys tho?
Oh well its a girly life, we gotta enjoy it :D *wink*

Take care sweeties and don't forget to drop your questions and comments down below.
Thanks for reading...

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Women are like waves PART 2

Even when a man is succeeding in supporting a woman, she may become even more upset!
Oops! That wld definitely hurt the young man :( but sincerely its not our fault at all.

Just hang on bro, she'll soon be out of her well and when she's out she becomes her usual loving self again :D but this positive shift is generally misunderstood by men, he wld think that whatever was bothering her is now completely healed or resolved,but this is not the case becos when her wave crashes again similar issues will arise.Without understanding the wave, he finds it hard to validate and nurture her feelings.
When a woman goes into her well her deepest issues tend to surface. These issues may have to do with the relationship,her childhood or maybe her past relationships.what remains to be healed or resolved from her past inevitably will come up.

Here the good news :) as she feels more and more supported at these difficult times, she begins to trust the relationship and is able to journey in and out of her well without conflict in her relationship or struggle in her life.

To support a woman when she is in her well is a special gift that is greatly appreciated.

Bear in mind...
- A man's love and support cannot instantly resolve a woman's issues.
-A woman going into her well is not a man's fault or his failure,being more supportive cannot prevent it from happening but it can help her through these difficult times.
- A woman has within herself the ability to spontaneously rise up after she has hit bottom, a man does not have to fix her. She is not broken but needs his love,patience and understanding.

It is essential that she feel safe to go through this cycle, otherwise she works hard at pretending that everything is always alright and suppresses her negative feelings. She may tend to numb her feelings through addictions like drinking, over eating,over working etc

Truth is when negative feelings are suppressed, positive feelings become suppressed as well and love dies.

Thanks for hanging on thus far...hope this information was helpful.
Please don't forget to share with your friends, they need to know too.
Kindly drop a comment down below before leaving.Thank u and God bless you always.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Women are like waves

Hello beautiful pple...we are talking about the women today so sit back,relax and grab your reading glasses if u need one.

A woman is like a wave just as men are like rubber bands :) yep quote me if u like...I can say that over and over again
When she feels loved, her self esteem rises and falls in a wave motion,when she is feeling really good,she will reach a peak but then suddenly her mood crashes down. Fortunately, this crash is temporary ;).
When a woman's wave rises, she feels she has an abundance of love to give,but when it falls, she feels her inner-emptiness and needs to be filled up with love. At this down time, she needs to talk about her problems and be heard and most importantly understood.

A woman's self esteem rises and falls like a wave, when she hits bottom,it is time for emotional house-cleaning.
A woman's ability go give and receive love in relationships is generally a reflection of how she is feeling about herself, she tends to be overwhelmed or more emotionally reactive and more vulnerable and needs more love.
It is important that her partner understands her and what she needs at those times
In relationships, men pull back and then get close, while women rise and fall back on their ability to love themselves and others.

What men think.
A man assumes that her sudden change of mood is based solely on his behavior, when she is happy he takes credit but when she is unhappy he also feels responsible, he may feel extremely frustrated because he doesn't know how to make things better.

When a woman moves into her "well", guys please u need to learn that this is when she needs you the most and it is not a problem to be solved or fixed but an opportunity to support her with unconditional love.

Prescription A.K.A what she needs
The last thing a woman needs when she is on her way down is someone telling her why she shouldn't be down, what she needs is someone to be with her as she goes down, to listen to her while she shares her feelings and to empathize with what she is going through.

Brother, even if you can't understand why a woman feels overwhelmed, you can offer your love, attention and support. God bless you for doing that.

Stay tuned for part 2 in the next post...until den stay blessed.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Men are like RUBBER BANDS

Men are like Rubber bands!!!

When they pull away, they can stretch only so far before they come springing back. A rubber band is the perfect metaphor to understand the male intimacy cycle.This cycle involves getting close, pulling away and then getting close again...Men instinctively feel this urge to pull away, it is not a decision or choice, it just happens and bear in mind that it is neither his fault nor her fault. It is a natural cycle.

When a man loves a woman, periodically he needs to pull away before he can get closer.
Trust me I have experienced dis first hand :).

Women misinterpret a man's pulling away because generally, we pull away for differnet reasons like, when we are hurt or afraid of being hurt, or when our man has done something wrong or disappointed us.

What we Women should know!!!
This pulling away mechanism enriches a relationship cos when your Man comes springing back he come with so much love and care...tho our normal reaction would be to PANIC cos we are not sure why he has decided to pull away, but pls dont panic because that wld  put him under pressure and he is likely to keep pulling away.

A woman will unconsciously sense when a man is pulling away and precisely at those times she will attempt to reestablish their intimate connection and say "Lets talk".

When a man is pulling away is not the time to talk or try to get closer.Let him pull away, after sometime, he wld return. He would act loving and supportive and will act as though nothing has happened...This is the time to talk..this is the Golden time.
 Tho at this time we women generally are scared to talk cos the last time she wanted to talk he pulled away and now confused if he is ready to listen.

Choose Wisdom
Men generally don't realize how their sudden pulling away and later returning affects women.
A wise man grows to understand his own cycle and reassures his lady when he pulls away that he wld be back.
A wise woman learns not to demand that a man talks but asks that he truly listens to her. She trusts that he will gradually open up more and listen to her.
A wise woman does not give up, she patiently and lovingly persists with a knowing that few women have.

Hang on lady, you have not lost him yet...Insecurity kills relationships.
Choose knowledge and Wisdom.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Words from his soul...

The sparkle in your eye
The warmth of your skin
Your breath on my neck that shakes me within

The touch of your hand
The smell of your hair
The naughtiness in your smile
That strength in your stare

Your kiss on my lips
Your body near mine
The stroke of your touch
That feeling inside

The compassion in your embrace
The power in your face
The beating of your heart
that we may never part

The beauty of your kiss
and that magic in your touch
It is for all these reasons and more that I LOVE YOU so much.

Share if you love someone.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Accessorizing outfits with Scarves

Its been a long long time,I'm so sorry I have been unavailable lately its not been intentional and I have missed you guys.
Today we gonna be looking at How to accessorize outfits with scarves :)

You've seen others wear scarves that look so nice on them! And you want to wear a scarf yourself, but don't know how to make the outfit work? This guide will show you how it's done.

  • Find what colors are predominant in your wardrobe. You want a variety of scarves that will match your outfits.
  • Buy yourself a simple scarf - or scarves - that match those colors and the styles of your outfits. For example, if you have a floral skirt, find a matching floral scarf. Or find solid colour scarves that will go with several of your outfits.

  • Watch how others wear and ties their scarves. Try to copy the way you think looks best. Stand in front of the mirror and practice tying your scarf in different ways.
  • Use your imagination. A scarf can go around the head, neck, waist, or even a hat.
  • Check fashion magazines and see how models or designers use scarves.
  • Wear a scarf according to the weather. Obviously it's nicer to wear a thick scarf when its cold , and light one when its not too hot.

  • Do not wear printed scarves on printed shirts or tops or dresses.
  • Prints like leopard or zebra work best on solid colors.
  • You can always decorate your scarf with brooches.
Scarves are relatively inexpensive, so don't be afraid to buy more than one, even if it's from a thrift shop! Buy a variety of shapes, from small or large squares, to long rectangles. Different shapes can be tied into different styles.Try combining a scarf with other accessories, such as a purse, hat, necklace, or belt.
So beautiful people...Thats it for this post, read through and leave a comment.Luv you guys