Monday, 31 December 2012

From a grateful heart

Hello everyone, its been a very long time,I have been super busy trying to settle down in a new city, with new friends and a new Job! it has not been easy.

This is a short message to appreciate all my readers and followers,God bless you guys richly and by his grace I promise an interesting time on this blog!!! See you guys in 2013
Much luv!!! And happy newyear.

Monday, 19 November 2012


We definitely know what lipsticks and lip glosses are...Pls kill me if someone says he/she doesnt know what they are???
Anyway,Hope you are doing good Guys? Its been a while, i have been really busy lately and sadly it might get worse :(

Soooooooooooooooooooo hehehe today we are going to be discussing about lipglosses and lipsticks or  as my baby bro used to call it when he was little; LILIP lol
I have a few points and i want to know your opinion, truthfully i love both, it just depends on the occasion and outfit i am putting on.

So here it goes...
The full coverage effect of a lipstick would always be there and it will give you that lady-like and polished look.
       As the for lip gloss, a single wave of the wand provides a juicy,sexy look but please always remember to apply in moderation.

Lipsticks are ideal for evening, work or any time you want to look put together and "done".
      Lip glosses are go well for weekends and nights out when you have a lot going for your eye makeup.

Precise application ensures that your mouth looks defined.
     A dab of clear gloss on the center of your bottom lip creates a voluptuous effect.

An average lipstick stays put for two hours but there are also some wonderful lipsticks that could stay on all day. I have this Avon Red lipstick that i love so much and it lasts all day no matter what i eat, except i take it off myself.
     Glosses don't really last long, haven't seen a lip gloss that lasts all day.

Lipsticks tragic flaw; it can bleed and settle into lines.
     Lip glosses can cause that white line to appear at the edge of your mouth but if u use a lip brush to apply, it wont be show up.

Reasons why i prefer lip gloss to lipstick 

Lip glosses tend to  moisturize dry lips, making the softer and perfect for kissing lol
- They look more natural and sometimes it is best to rely on your natural beauty, if you really need to use lipstick  you can use a nude lipstick and pair it with clear lip gloss for a more natural look.
- They don't stain teeth; Nothing contradicts the sexy hot lady look like lip stick stain on your two front teeth...lip gloss doesn't embarrass you like that.
- Clear lip glosses don't leave tracks behind from hugs and pecks hehehe I am sure he would appreciate clean collars and clear cheeks.
- They come in different scents and flavors; grapefruit, strawberry (my favorite) Whats your flavor???

Uh No!!! You hate the lipstick you just bought???
 I used to wish it was possible to try on a lipstick before I buy it, just like shoes but I had to let that wishful thought go, its best not to worry yourself too much about things you can't change. Anyway you can try blending different colors together and see if you would like the outcome or better still give it out to some one you know it would suit. If you find it hard selecting colors that suit you always seek for professional help from a professional make up artist.

That is it Guys, hope you learned a thing or two,please drop your opinions and comments below would love to hear what you have to say. Nigeria is so hot @ d moment,off to get a cold drink....till my next post stay blessed and have a fruitful week ahead. huggs

Monday, 12 November 2012


Fashion is to many women what sport is to many men. Every woman has a unique wardrobe but there are some basic CLOTHING items that every woman should have hanging in her wardrobe.
"Fashion fades;only style remains the same"-Coco Chanel
Start by investing in some basic items that would never go out of style and that you can re-invent according to your mood and match your personality.

The little black dress
The little black dress can save the day, A well fitting dress of good quality can be worn to nearly any occasion, you can never go wrong wearing it. Its color erases all your extra pounds and its shape guarantees extreme femininity, just make sure you get the one that is right for you.

A white collared shirt

Yes! it is necessary for that business meeting or topping that comfortable jeans. It never goes out of style and it brightens up your complexion.

Comfortable Pants

Whether jeans or chinos, khaki or whatever, every woman must own at least one pair of comfortable pants.Jeans are like no other, they are practical, sexy,timeless and suitable for both day and night.


They are great to pair with different things and provide a different look based on the bottom you pair it with, given the wide range of blouses available now it shouldn't be a problem getting one.

Girl cut T-shirt

Plain T-shirts are fine but there is something exceptional about a girl cut t-shirt, they are shorter and have a defined waist line.

A Blazer
They never go out of style  and they are very necessary, you can pair them up with a dress, jeans,skirts etc Check out my friends post HERE

A high heel pumps

High heels are a must for most occasions....that is if you can walk with them tho lol. A high heel in a neutral color(black,brown,navy or gray) will work well with all your other wardrobe essential.

Jazz up your outfits with scarves,wear printed or shimmer scarves with a formal and informal outfit, they go very well with both.

A black pencil skirt

This item will take you from the boardroom to cocktails and also to church in style...It is a must for every woman.

Ballets Flats

I love my heels no doubt  but its my ballet flats that I turn to time and time again for ease, comfort and weekend casual. Clearly I know my way around fashion street but i just don't have to try so hard to look good.

Great style is having the discipline to invest in just a couple of beautiful statement pieces, its not about constant acquisition;its about working with what you have in a confident and creative way.

Hope you enjoyed every bit of this post, if you have questions or comments please drop them below...till the next post stay blessed and have a wonderful week ahead :)

Hugs & Kisses

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?-Psalm 27:1

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Getting and keeping his atttention PART 3

Hey guys,
So this is the last part of getting and keeping his attention.

The Scent of a woman
Smells are very important, its not something you can overlook, it has the power to attract and repel. Your body scent says a lot about you, choose your fragrance properly and carefully and always apply to clean skin. Your scent should set you apart in his mind and form exclusive memories of you and you alone.

Fresh breath is another aspect, it is a MUST especially if you want to be kissed LOL. Your breath speaks of the woman within and seriously if its offensive that is a huge turn off.

AHA!!! Home cooking!!! Now this i love....I enjoy cooking for my man :). Whether you like it or not the way to a man's heart is through his stomach because men love food. Good  food warms their inner man and it warms their heart towards you.
 "There is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight of a woman making dinner for someone she loves"-Thomas Wolff
This brings us to other presssing matters;
Your MOODS: It can flavour a relationship with bitterness or sweetness. Moody women throw men off set aside your mood swings and learn to stay cheerful.

Your dreams and aspirations: Two are better than one because they have a good reward of their labor (Ecclesiastes 4:9 KJV)
Let your man be a partner with you in your dreams. The taste of mutual success is sweet.
Let your man know about your needs, he is not a mind reader and assumption is wrong, it would destroy your relationship. Don't have unrealistic needs...know what he can afford and don't stress the life out of him, stay watchful and listen to his needs too. Acknowlegde when he has met your needs, it will encourage him to do more.

Be resourceful Ladies, every man loves a resourceful woman, dont just sit at home waiting for heaven to fall at your feet, a woman must be resourceful in business and at home. Add to his life do not subtract. Believe me he would flee if he sees you are a liabilty, equip yourself with the knowlegde and understanding you need to make a contribution.
A woman who enjoys being a woman is the most desirable creature to a man. Being feamle is something you should enjoy because we are a mystry to men. Be soft, modest and understanding. God created you to be a woman flunt it.

...A womans touch speaks louder than any word that she can ever utter to the heart, the soul and the mind.

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.(Proverbs 14:1)
Your home is a reflection and expression of who you are,every piece whisper secrest about you. Build your home to be a blessing to you,your man and others.

Want to catch and keep the attention of a man??? Then pay attention, trust me nobody wants to speak and not be heard. Single ladies, make your man feel like he is the only man in the world...your hero and your prince charming.
Wives; Give your man what he desires. Men love attention, undivided full attention. When you pay him full attention, you will get his full attention as well.

So guys thats it for getting and keeping his attention, if u need more details please go get the book,pic and detials are in the first post.
Hope you enjoyed every bit of the edition pls drop your comments and questions below.

Till the next post, have fun and stay blessed. I love you all but God loves you more :)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Getting and keeping his attention PART 2

Hi Guys,
So in my last post i had a little issue with the links i posted, i am really sorry about that.
Here they are; From my friends blog HOW TO DRESS: and BODY TYPE:
My Face book Page:!/pages/Bloom-Nail-Care/354275144582630

Before we go into part 2 proper, there is something we should know, i was supposed to include it in part 1 but it slipped :)...
Your Spirit: Men always look for a woman with a beautiful spirit. It is important to know that your spirit affects all the outward features that make up who you are, no amount of make up can cover up an ugly or broken spirit...This is where the true beauty treatment must begin, approaching the throne of grace with open arms and asking the lord to give you his spirit, to wash you clean and make you whole, that is how you get true beauty radiating from inside out.

So Guys in part 2 we are going to be concentrating more on SOUND what your man hears :)
Your Words: The power of a woman's words cannot be over emphasized,it can do and undo lol!.Now lets get serious :| Praise is music to a man's ears, use your words to draw your man closer not push him into the arms of another woman.
Always appreciate and compliment your man and don't forget to encourage him,even if he is wrong dont be too harsh ...Well it depends on what he did tho *rolling my eyes* lool.

Your cooperation: Most men are competitive.Trust me no man like DRAMA!!! and yes i know we can be dramatic lol...Me sef na drama queen hehehe but then if we dont agree then it cant work. A man wants someone he can rely on for total cooperation. Always find a common ground, dont be quick to disagree or argue. Allow him lead OH YES SUBMIT!!! lol i kmow dis might sound wrong to some ladies but the truth is submission is not punishment.
Submission is merely being a cooperative member of the team, being willing to work with the other player.
Let your ma feel secure around you.

Your laughter: A merry heart doeth good like medicine (Proverbs 17:22 KJV)
Laughter is contagious, it dries tears ans chases the blues and cares of the day away~MMH
A good sense of humor goes a long way in setting a man at ease, loosen up Girl. laughter is good food to the soul so laugh it out LOL. It makes you approachable and puts you @ ease. Men fall in love based on how they feel about you, so fill his life with smiles and laughter :) :) :)

Prayer: Question; Can you pray with your man??? That is something you should ask yourself?
The bonding power of prayer with a man is unimaginable...PRAYER IS POWERFUL. It makes the man feel safe, bare your hearts in prayer,lifting each other's need before the father. Prayer keeps the relationship on the right track.
A prayerful woman refreshes the spirit of a man, bringing him Joy and a sense of divine peace~MMH

Finally Ladies don't let the words I LOVE YOU never go unsaid, it reassures and keeps your man smiling.

So until the next post which is the PART 3 Stay blessed and happy. I love you all but God loves you more :)

If you haven't read part 1 here is the link

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Getting and keeping his attention PART 1

Hi Guys,
So this is my first post :)...Hope you find it informative and helpful

Most of my points were gotten from a book i read bout 2years ago 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention by Michelle McKinney Hammond....hence the title, you can get the book in any good well stocked christain book store around you, i got mine bout 2years ago for about 1300naira not so sure about the price now. Pic below;

Now down to the topic of the day...
Examining a man properly: Men are 3 dimensional beings, they are living souls who have a spirit that resides in a body,which means we must to appeal to all 3 dimensions Physical,Emotional and Spiritual. Asides this, they have 5 senses that involve how they respond.
  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch
Obviously before you capture his heart,you have to catch his eye first, every man has his favorite feature eyes,lips,legs etc depends on who is looking.

Your Eyes: A woman's eye has the power to arrest, captivate,invite or rebuke a man.What do yours say???

Your Lips: Are they inviting pleasant communication or do they threaten a rebuke? its time for us ladies to spit out whatever tastes bitter within us and fill ourselves with goodness.

Your Smile: A smile can do much more than words in many instances.In Michelle McKinney's book she said and i quote;
"When asked what made a woman approachable, more men than not said a simple smile was enough to suffice, all they needed was a signal that coast was clear to approach. An expressionless look did not make them feel safe even if the rest of the package looked nice"
Staying happy is the key to a good life, a smile is the best make up any woman can wear :) :) :)

Your Great Body/Skin: So men like breasts,hips,breast,legs,breasts,waist,breasts... lol perhaps its the mother thing. Always dress to compliment your shape(check out my friend's post on Body shapes and how to dress :, start with the right underwear for the outfit of the day and then the right outfit,finishing up with a wonderful smile :).It doesn't matter what shade you are...take good care of your skin, you never know who is looking *wink*. Great beauty begins with a healthy well taken care of body, your skin will shine if you take good care of your body.

Your Hair: Alright Ladies this one is a biggie!!! Men love healthy, well made,clean hair. Do not over do anything and always do a style that makes you comfortable, Our hair is our glory.

Your Hands and Feet: Now this is my specialty lol i'm a nail designer so i know the details here...check out my page on facebook Bloom nail care!/pages/Bloom-Nail-Care/354275144582630.Survey says men are afraid of nails that look like weapons lol funny but true,clean,neat and well groomed nails do the trick.would publish a post on this later.

Your Dressing: Always ask yourself the question- Would you be proud to meet Jesus in what you are wearing?
Yes he will turn and gawk at a woman walking down the street who is showing more than she should, but does he want the woman in his arms to dress in the same manner? Absolutely not!!! He may be attracted to the scantily dressed woman but does not respect her or take her seriously at all ~ MMH
Yes we want to be comfortable, but lets not over do anything, simplicity and modesty is key here.Leave something for the imagination.

So guys that is all for PART 1 watch out for PART2 Coming Soon!!! 
 Thanks for reading,hope you gained a thing or two...drop your comments and questions below,would be glad to respond. Luv you all...God loves you more :)