Friday, 1 November 2013

Secret to getting better results from your workout

Hello people, how ya all doing this morning? Happy New Month!!!!!!! Yaay I love November because its my Mummy and Older Sister's birthday month...*dancing skelewu* lol 
I have had a good week and thank God its friday mehn!!!! A lot has been going on in my life lately so i apologize that i have been MIA :( please forgive a sister *muaaah* thanchu

I want to share with you today what I learnt from an article I read written by Kit Rich, yeah you might not know her, don't worry one day you would get to know her. I will also include a link from my friends blog below about knowing your body type, she has a wonderful blog you should check it out.

She talked about picking the right workout for your body type, As we all know knowledge is key and if we want to remain selxy for our future hubbys or if you already have one we have to work out. 

Quick question: Have you noticed that one type of exercise gives you a better result than others? Well, whether you like it or not, its determined by your genetics...yeah! that's right, how your body responds to certain exercises is mostly due to family genes.

Technically, there are three names for different body types: ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs, see more details here: Body types; Did you know? 
As silly as it is, the simple yet common description of body types- apple, pear and string bean is the best way to figure out what form of exercise will be most effective for you. Remember that although genetics play a huge part, ultimately its your healthy choices that determine whether or not you become the best version of you.
Personally, I have been a bad girl lately *covers face* been eating a lot of junks, maybe because i am on holidays with my bobo but that is not an excuse and to make things worse i am not even exercising *whew* don't worry I wee change in Jesus name.

Heres how to figure out your body type and adjust your workout accordingly

Pear shapes tend to be bigger in the thighs, butt and stomach area with a smaller upper body.

Fitness recommendation
Work multiple muscles(both legs and arms), do cardio for 30 minutes three times a week and include weight training too. Try doing exercises back to back with little rest in between.

Apple shapes carry more weight around the mid-section.

Fitness recommendation
Apple shapes should focus on varied compound exercises or strength training moves. Make sure to switch up the exercises regularly to keep your body guessing and burning fat. Try 40-60 minutes of moderate cardio up to five times a week.

String beans
They have faster metabolisms and are long, lean and have a hard time gaining weight or muscle.

Fitness recommendation
When strength training, use heavier weights but do fewer reps to help gain definition, it is recommended to do less cardio.

That is all my people, please leave your comments below and I would do well to respond. God bless you and have a great weekend *muahhh*   

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