Friday, 20 December 2013

My Christmas wish list

Airlo people, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, compliments of this wonderful season!
so its been a while and I want to thank all my readers and faithful commenters for keeping this blog going, 2013 is coming to an end fast and its been great so far and this season is a season of giving, that is why i want to share with the world MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST :D. The wonderful things you are about to see are some God's wonderful creations which i so desire to have and to hold in the name of Jesus. If you feel led by the Holy spirit to bless a sister please do so and Baba God go bless you...Amin

The first on my vanity wish list is the Samsung S4 zoom, oh yesssss! I want this baby,eh even if some people would say why don't u just get a real camera...yea yea i want that too *tongue out*

Ehen Number 2 is one Mac 2014 spring collection mascara, hmmm oh yea blessed please bless a sister this season

Next on the list is Nail Polishes!!!!! This i can cry for, infact if anyone knows where i can get these babies in Nigeria pls let me know *on my knees*
hmmm my dear sisters I wee not deceive myself, I cannot afford this one now eh but my God is a God of possibilities...

Next is this watch of life, I know Micheal Kors is on almost every lip now but i'm not after the name, just after the beauty. I could also go for fossil or any other designer tho...if the Lord is speaking to you please heed to his instructions.

Ok my people now you see what i am talking about, I want allllllllllllllll *straight face*... Please if you have any useful information on these goodies please send me a mail to and God wld bless you.
Pls leave your comments below, would love to know what is on your own Christmas wish list. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays.


  1. Wow eye popping, if wishes come thru I would wish 4...hmm I'll get brk 2 U cuz I have 2 wish wishly

  2. @becky dolla lol anything is possible dear.