Monday, 13 January 2014

First Day Syndrome

Hi guys! How are u doing today? Happy new year and hope you are enjoying the new year already...I have missed you guys and I have gist o.
So I got this new job and I resumed today, it has been an interesting day so far and I like the working all started last night when my sister and I were gisting like we have not been living together,  after hours of gist I decided to resist the devil and go to bed after setting my alarm for 6am.
A phone call woke me up and I checked my time and it was 6:45am, how I did not hear my alarm ring I dont know...I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom fast forward to when I was dressed,  lemme not do nollywood style.
So, I was dressed and grabbed a pair of black peep-toe shoe and grabbed my bags, now where I live is very popular and taxis drive down the road regularly but today I didn't see any taxi, I decided to walk down the road. As I was walking my shoe started flapping o like it was over sized...jehov!!! Did my feet suddenly shrink? Hmmm I turned back and went to change the shoe to yet another peep-toe shoe.
I bounced out of my house looking hot and feeling like a CEO, I haven't gone so far when my shoe started feeling funny again, ah ah what is going on? I tried reaching for my phone in my bag and it was no where to be found. I turned back again and went back inside the house in search of my hand set...apparently I had left it on my bed, which has never happened before.
I stepped out again and my shoe sole just opened...OMG!!! Baba God take control,  I ran back inside the house and walked straight to my closet with a straight face, grabbed my black pointies and put them on...I guess I wasn't meant to wear peep-toe shoes today.
I finally found a taxi o and told him where I was going and he told me the price and I hopped in, I have only been to my new office twice and I know the street but how to get there is the problem.  When we got half way, the driver turned to me ask me where the place was...Ewo! Is this man alright? Tot he knew the place when he was tearing me bill, I am meant to resume by 8am and by 8:10 I was still doing excursion with this man.
What even annoyed me was he kept saying "Aunty sorry, the road just escape me" My God! How can I be running late on my first day? We eventually stopped and asked some "waka pass" people and found the road and that was how I got to work o.

Thank God for this new beginning in my life and If you are believing God for a job please dont stop praying because he will surely answer your prayers.
That is the story of my first day drama o, hope you guys enjoyed the gist, I would like to know what you first day experience was like...pls leave you comments below and I would definitely respond.
Thank you for reading and God bless you.

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