Friday, 27 December 2013

What I did and where I went on Boxing Day

Hello beautiful people, how are you guys doing? Compliments of the season! What did you guys do on Christmas day? For me, I cooked and cooked and cooked and there was so much food even our dogs had a share of the Christmas rice.
What did you do on Boxing day? hmmm I had fun, so much fun mouth no go fit talk am, that is why I have decided to share with you guys. We (My friends and I) planned a double date to Lekki Leisure Lake.
First of all we had previously seen a few reviews about the place including Sisi Yemmie's review and that was our driving force, we just wanted to explore and we sure did, lemme gist you...

Story Story! Once upon a Boxing day!...
Le boo and I set out to hit the Island from Ikeja and by the grace of God the ride was smooth, we were to meet up with our lovely friends Tomi and Omobola. We were going o, jejely driving behind our friend Tomi who said he knew the place, we entered Lekki phase1 like people who knew where we were going, we sited a spot that looked really nice with boats and ajebutter children and rushed to park only for us to realize 'This place does not look like what we saw in the review' so we decided to ask where we were and found out we were at one garden like that (can't remember the name).
We drove away in search of our destination, (bear in mind that we were still following Tomi o who said he knew the place LOL), we decided to stop and consult GOOGLE MAPS and by the grace of God we found the place in Lekki phase2 behind Vantage Hotel after touring the whole of Lekki...Praise the Lord!!!

 We were finally at our desired destination and we parked in anticipation for what we were to experience, as ajebutter children, we strolled to the gate, paid and went in and to our utmost surprise we were disappointed :(...the place was so crowded, we tried getting something to eat but the queue was endless and the customer service was messed up.
We decided to go check out the Quad bike area, that was even worse because every other person wanted to ride and it was just tiring, so we decided to take a stroll to the other side of the lake which looked to us like an abandoned beach.
This was the place mehn, this was were all the fun took place, we took pictures and played in the water.
The water was a bit dirty so we decided to head back to the lake to try out the Quad bike as we don already buy ticket.
There were so many people waiting already and we just could not wait so we went to return our tickets, only for us to get there and the guy there was saying crap like they don't do refund that we can use the ticket the next time we come (Say what??? I sure aint coming back here nigga) we had to stand by his kiosk and sell our tickets to people who wanted to ride.
That was how we sold our tickets and saved 8k and we left. All in all it was a good experience but the leisure lake is highly overrated, we tried to have fun tho and we did. We then headed back to Lekki phase1 to have lunch and traveled back home.

Thank God for safety and keeping us to see the end of the year 2013.
I hope you enjoyed my story? Thanks for reading

Your comments are important to me and I would like to know what you did and where you went to on Boxing day.

Photo credit: Omobola @omobolamissglam www,


  1. Nice post! Love it!!!

  2. Lmao!,nice experience tho!I spent my boxing day at home with my friends and missing my sisters,Ag and Rume

  3. Thanks for your comments...@dafe miss u too

  4. You didnt do justice to my character :-X tomi

  5. Nice where hv u been, missin all d fun cum brk soon

  6. @becky thanks for your comments, I would be back soon.