Monday, 17 February 2014


Hello people, how was your weekend? Biko gimme gist o because I have gist for you...How was the Valantan hehehe what gifts did you get? This particular post is for the AccessoriesNg Review but I would give you my valentine tory in another post.
So, ACCESSORIESNG Have you heard about them? they contacted me a while ago after they visited my blog as regards a post I did last year My Christmas Wishlist and I visited their website at Accessoriesng and it is beautiful and what is even more exciting is that their goods are very affordable, they have a lot from accessories to makeup, bags, and a whole lot more.
Sharp Sharp, I ordered oh and they deliver very fast and I must appreciate their representative Kike, she was very nice and polite and also very very very I can get confused when I see so many goodies.
Okay lemme show you what I got.

This beautiful earring I got for N650 pere! very beauriful
and I cant wait to rock it.

I have been searching for camisoles for as long as forever, and I was too excited when I found a whole lot of their site, they have different colors I was confused. But I got a few for starters and I got them for N650 each and that is an amazing price and guess what? they are Forever21 ooo *lovestruck*

And this gorgeous sunglasses I also got from them and I love it..I can rock it with any outfit of my choice. The sunglasses cost N2200 and the pouch N450 pere!

And all these goodies came in a very beautiful bag, sorry I could not get a better picture.

Shopping with them was very easy and I would definitely go back. There was no issue with delivery and like I said it was fast and the delivery fee is affordable goods were delivered to ikeja lagos and it cost me N800, and I think delivery fee varies, it just depends on your location.

The website is customer friendly and once you are done with selecting what you want you can proceed to check out.
check them out now at AccessoriesNg
You can also check out their facebook page :

Thanks for reading

But Jesus looked at them and said to them "with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible"-Matthew 19:26

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