Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Hello Darlings, how has this month been for you? For me it has been great! And I am looking forward to the weeks ahead.

I am doing a review today, I am sure a lot of you must have heard about Printivo abi?

Okay, for those that do not know them; Printivo is an online print provider, providing its customers with free templates created by designers across Nigeria.
What this means in simple english is that you can just go to their website and design your own complimentary card, banners, invitations etc by yasef and they would print and deliver to you.

Last month, I decided to do some stickers for my smoothie cups (By the way, I am into the smoothie business now hehehe that is gist for later) so like I was saying, I now remembered that Sisi Yemmie had written about them some time ago, so I went to their website.

Its as simple as ABC, you log on to their website, register with a username and password, upload your design or design yours using any of the template provided, check out and pay. Its that simple.

This is what my sticker looks like...

I also made my complimentary cards with them as well...forgive the picture quality.

Asides the great quality, I like their customer service! They are nice and willing to assist if you get stuck at any point.

I also think their prices are very affordable and the service is convenient because I can decide what I want my design to look like from anywhere I am, I don't have to go sit with one printer and be speaking plenty grammer.

As I said before, they offer delivery service and for me, it was fast and in time. I designed my cards on a wednesday because I needed it for an event on Saturday and by thursday I recieved them...Great yea?

That said, I think they are doing a great job and I would recommend them anytime. I wish they have templates for invoices and receipts tho.

Find their details below.


Twitter: @Printivo

Instagram: @PRINTIVONG


Address: 18, Bajulaye Road, Morroco, Jibowu, Lagos Nigeria.

Phone Numbers: 01-3426975, 08099561000

I have tried them and I am happy, I think you should try them out as well.

Thank you for reading...

Hugs & Kisses

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- James 1:19 [AMP]