Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Getting and keeping his attention PART 1

Hi Guys,
So this is my first post :)...Hope you find it informative and helpful

Most of my points were gotten from a book i read bout 2years ago 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention by Michelle McKinney Hammond....hence the title, you can get the book in any good well stocked christain book store around you, i got mine bout 2years ago for about 1300naira not so sure about the price now. Pic below;

Now down to the topic of the day...
Examining a man properly: Men are 3 dimensional beings, they are living souls who have a spirit that resides in a body,which means we must to appeal to all 3 dimensions Physical,Emotional and Spiritual. Asides this, they have 5 senses that involve how they respond.
  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch
Obviously before you capture his heart,you have to catch his eye first, every man has his favorite feature eyes,lips,legs etc depends on who is looking.

Your Eyes: A woman's eye has the power to arrest, captivate,invite or rebuke a man.What do yours say???

Your Lips: Are they inviting pleasant communication or do they threaten a rebuke? its time for us ladies to spit out whatever tastes bitter within us and fill ourselves with goodness.

Your Smile: A smile can do much more than words in many instances.In Michelle McKinney's book she said and i quote;
"When asked what made a woman approachable, more men than not said a simple smile was enough to suffice, all they needed was a signal that coast was clear to approach. An expressionless look did not make them feel safe even if the rest of the package looked nice"
Staying happy is the key to a good life, a smile is the best make up any woman can wear :) :) :)

Your Great Body/Skin: So men like breasts,hips,breast,legs,breasts,waist,breasts... lol perhaps its the mother thing. Always dress to compliment your shape(check out my friend's post on Body shapes and how to dress : http://www.misspurpleheart.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/body-typewhats-yours.html?m=1  http://www.misspurpleheart.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/dress-without-stress-for-your-body-type.html?m=1), start with the right underwear for the outfit of the day and then the right outfit,finishing up with a wonderful smile :).It doesn't matter what shade you are...take good care of your skin, you never know who is looking *wink*. Great beauty begins with a healthy well taken care of body, your skin will shine if you take good care of your body.

Your Hair: Alright Ladies this one is a biggie!!! Men love healthy, well made,clean hair. Do not over do anything and always do a style that makes you comfortable, Our hair is our glory.

Your Hands and Feet: Now this is my specialty lol i'm a nail designer so i know the details here...check out my page on facebook Bloom nail care http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Bloom-Nail-Care/354275144582630.Survey says men are afraid of nails that look like weapons lol funny but true,clean,neat and well groomed nails do the trick.would publish a post on this later.

Your Dressing: Always ask yourself the question- Would you be proud to meet Jesus in what you are wearing?
Yes he will turn and gawk at a woman walking down the street who is showing more than she should, but does he want the woman in his arms to dress in the same manner? Absolutely not!!! He may be attracted to the scantily dressed woman but does not respect her or take her seriously at all ~ MMH
Yes we want to be comfortable, but lets not over do anything, simplicity and modesty is key here.Leave something for the imagination.

So guys that is all for PART 1 watch out for PART2 Coming Soon!!! 
 Thanks for reading,hope you gained a thing or two...drop your comments and questions below,would be glad to respond. Luv you all...God loves you more :)

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