Thursday, 1 November 2012

Getting and keeping his attention PART 2

Hi Guys,
So in my last post i had a little issue with the links i posted, i am really sorry about that.
Here they are; From my friends blog HOW TO DRESS: and BODY TYPE:
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Before we go into part 2 proper, there is something we should know, i was supposed to include it in part 1 but it slipped :)...
Your Spirit: Men always look for a woman with a beautiful spirit. It is important to know that your spirit affects all the outward features that make up who you are, no amount of make up can cover up an ugly or broken spirit...This is where the true beauty treatment must begin, approaching the throne of grace with open arms and asking the lord to give you his spirit, to wash you clean and make you whole, that is how you get true beauty radiating from inside out.

So Guys in part 2 we are going to be concentrating more on SOUND what your man hears :)
Your Words: The power of a woman's words cannot be over emphasized,it can do and undo lol!.Now lets get serious :| Praise is music to a man's ears, use your words to draw your man closer not push him into the arms of another woman.
Always appreciate and compliment your man and don't forget to encourage him,even if he is wrong dont be too harsh ...Well it depends on what he did tho *rolling my eyes* lool.

Your cooperation: Most men are competitive.Trust me no man like DRAMA!!! and yes i know we can be dramatic lol...Me sef na drama queen hehehe but then if we dont agree then it cant work. A man wants someone he can rely on for total cooperation. Always find a common ground, dont be quick to disagree or argue. Allow him lead OH YES SUBMIT!!! lol i kmow dis might sound wrong to some ladies but the truth is submission is not punishment.
Submission is merely being a cooperative member of the team, being willing to work with the other player.
Let your ma feel secure around you.

Your laughter: A merry heart doeth good like medicine (Proverbs 17:22 KJV)
Laughter is contagious, it dries tears ans chases the blues and cares of the day away~MMH
A good sense of humor goes a long way in setting a man at ease, loosen up Girl. laughter is good food to the soul so laugh it out LOL. It makes you approachable and puts you @ ease. Men fall in love based on how they feel about you, so fill his life with smiles and laughter :) :) :)

Prayer: Question; Can you pray with your man??? That is something you should ask yourself?
The bonding power of prayer with a man is unimaginable...PRAYER IS POWERFUL. It makes the man feel safe, bare your hearts in prayer,lifting each other's need before the father. Prayer keeps the relationship on the right track.
A prayerful woman refreshes the spirit of a man, bringing him Joy and a sense of divine peace~MMH

Finally Ladies don't let the words I LOVE YOU never go unsaid, it reassures and keeps your man smiling.

So until the next post which is the PART 3 Stay blessed and happy. I love you all but God loves you more :)

If you haven't read part 1 here is the link

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