Monday, 19 November 2012


We definitely know what lipsticks and lip glosses are...Pls kill me if someone says he/she doesnt know what they are???
Anyway,Hope you are doing good Guys? Its been a while, i have been really busy lately and sadly it might get worse :(

Soooooooooooooooooooo hehehe today we are going to be discussing about lipglosses and lipsticks or  as my baby bro used to call it when he was little; LILIP lol
I have a few points and i want to know your opinion, truthfully i love both, it just depends on the occasion and outfit i am putting on.

So here it goes...
The full coverage effect of a lipstick would always be there and it will give you that lady-like and polished look.
       As the for lip gloss, a single wave of the wand provides a juicy,sexy look but please always remember to apply in moderation.

Lipsticks are ideal for evening, work or any time you want to look put together and "done".
      Lip glosses are go well for weekends and nights out when you have a lot going for your eye makeup.

Precise application ensures that your mouth looks defined.
     A dab of clear gloss on the center of your bottom lip creates a voluptuous effect.

An average lipstick stays put for two hours but there are also some wonderful lipsticks that could stay on all day. I have this Avon Red lipstick that i love so much and it lasts all day no matter what i eat, except i take it off myself.
     Glosses don't really last long, haven't seen a lip gloss that lasts all day.

Lipsticks tragic flaw; it can bleed and settle into lines.
     Lip glosses can cause that white line to appear at the edge of your mouth but if u use a lip brush to apply, it wont be show up.

Reasons why i prefer lip gloss to lipstick 

Lip glosses tend to  moisturize dry lips, making the softer and perfect for kissing lol
- They look more natural and sometimes it is best to rely on your natural beauty, if you really need to use lipstick  you can use a nude lipstick and pair it with clear lip gloss for a more natural look.
- They don't stain teeth; Nothing contradicts the sexy hot lady look like lip stick stain on your two front teeth...lip gloss doesn't embarrass you like that.
- Clear lip glosses don't leave tracks behind from hugs and pecks hehehe I am sure he would appreciate clean collars and clear cheeks.
- They come in different scents and flavors; grapefruit, strawberry (my favorite) Whats your flavor???

Uh No!!! You hate the lipstick you just bought???
 I used to wish it was possible to try on a lipstick before I buy it, just like shoes but I had to let that wishful thought go, its best not to worry yourself too much about things you can't change. Anyway you can try blending different colors together and see if you would like the outcome or better still give it out to some one you know it would suit. If you find it hard selecting colors that suit you always seek for professional help from a professional make up artist.

That is it Guys, hope you learned a thing or two,please drop your opinions and comments below would love to hear what you have to say. Nigeria is so hot @ d moment,off to get a cold drink....till my next post stay blessed and have a fruitful week ahead. huggs

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