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Hey Sweeties, How are you doing today? Been so busy lately but I am here with an interesting topic today and i'm going to be telling you how you can empower your husband (for my married ladies), your bobo or your fiance...This post is not just for the ladies o, guys read well o and share the link with the woman in your life so she can learn.
Ok! Ladies, I am about to tell you something that you probably already know and the guys really want you to know too.
Guys like to pretend that they are totally confident 100% of the time, but the truth is that most guys are still a little insecure.
When you demonstrate to your man that you believe in him or show that you trust him to handle things that you care about, it actually empowers him to keep bringing his A-game to the relationship.

When he knows that you are on his side, it triggers what the behavioral scientists call the "protect and provide" instinct (otherwise known as the 'hero-gene').
You see, at any given moment a man can be:-
  • His defeat self
  • His average self
  • His best self
Believe it or not, what you say to your man carries a tremendous amount of weight...So lets get down to it.

Here are 5 ways you can empower your man.
  1. Catch him doing something right : Sometimes, we ladies take multi-tasking to a whole new level...its amazing to a man when he sees you on the phone and you are changing the baby's diapers and at the same time cooking dinner AH! That's awesome *high five ladies*. I know some guys can multitask too kudos to them but when your man who isn't really a multitask-er (if there is any word like that) get the little things right, give him a high five or a fist bump or better still a kiss, it truly goes a long way.
  2. Flirt with ya Man : When you flirt with your man, it reminds him that you still find him attractive and because men are generally physical beings, showing him you still find him attractive boosts his self esteem and increases his emotional connection with you.
  3. Thank him for his dedication : We always do things better when we are acknowledged for effort. Tie your man's effort to how it has positively impacted the relationship/family. By doing this, your man will feel even more motivated to increase his consistency and up his game...write him a thank you note or take him out to dinner just to say thank you.
  4. Initiate Sex more often : Ok! so this is for my married ladies in d house...I can't start this sex preaching so I would just skip to the advice I have. This is a big one! No one likes to feel rejected, even if you have been married for 30 years, please realize that this is a very sensitive area in your marriage and it never gets old, it can only get better. When you take the initiative in this area from time to time, it reinforces in his mind what he means to you and it builds intimacy.
  5. Quote him to your friends : Its one thing to share some advice from a book you just read and its another thing entirely when the resident expert is your man...Try it for yourself, the next time you are out with your man and friends, say something like "my husband always says" or "my boo always says" (Just make sure you are quoting right sha) and watch how it lights him up.
  6. Trust him : If you want to boost your man's confidence and sense of contribution, trust him to do something he knows you are a little afraid to let go. Yes! he may have let you down in the past but give him another chance (bobo please do not let us down o). When he realizes that something means a lot to you and that you trust him to accomplish it, he would put in his best.
So darris it ladies and gentle men...hope this post was helpful? Leave a comment below if it was biko lemme know what you think.

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