Saturday, 29 June 2013

Women are like waves PART 2

Even when a man is succeeding in supporting a woman, she may become even more upset!
Oops! That wld definitely hurt the young man :( but sincerely its not our fault at all.

Just hang on bro, she'll soon be out of her well and when she's out she becomes her usual loving self again :D but this positive shift is generally misunderstood by men, he wld think that whatever was bothering her is now completely healed or resolved,but this is not the case becos when her wave crashes again similar issues will arise.Without understanding the wave, he finds it hard to validate and nurture her feelings.
When a woman goes into her well her deepest issues tend to surface. These issues may have to do with the relationship,her childhood or maybe her past relationships.what remains to be healed or resolved from her past inevitably will come up.

Here the good news :) as she feels more and more supported at these difficult times, she begins to trust the relationship and is able to journey in and out of her well without conflict in her relationship or struggle in her life.

To support a woman when she is in her well is a special gift that is greatly appreciated.

Bear in mind...
- A man's love and support cannot instantly resolve a woman's issues.
-A woman going into her well is not a man's fault or his failure,being more supportive cannot prevent it from happening but it can help her through these difficult times.
- A woman has within herself the ability to spontaneously rise up after she has hit bottom, a man does not have to fix her. She is not broken but needs his love,patience and understanding.

It is essential that she feel safe to go through this cycle, otherwise she works hard at pretending that everything is always alright and suppresses her negative feelings. She may tend to numb her feelings through addictions like drinking, over eating,over working etc

Truth is when negative feelings are suppressed, positive feelings become suppressed as well and love dies.

Thanks for hanging on thus far...hope this information was helpful.
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