Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Hey Gorgeous people, hows your Wednesday going? Today I would be focusing on the ladies and I would be telling you how you can wear floral prints to work.
Floral prints never fail to stay on top of the fashion trend. Although, not every woman wants to wear floral print to work but if  you want to try it, here are a couple of ways you can wear it.
1. Floral trousers

Floral printed trouser are becoming acceptable at work now, simply pair your floral pant with a solid colour button down shirt or blouse. For a more professional touch wear a blazer.

2. Floral skirts:
Just like trousers, skirts are ok for work. Try a floral print A-line or pencil skirt or pleated or midi and pair it with a plain blouse of button down shirt.

3. Floral Blazers

Wear the floral blazer over a solid or printed dress or simply over your favorite pants.You can also pair it with your denim for casual Friday wear.

4. Floral blouses and button down

This is the easiest to wear and surely an investment piece for all season.
You can wear a silk, satin or even a chiffon floral top and pair it with dark washed denim or a dark coloured skirt or pant and you are good to go.

5. Floral dresses

If you feel confident enough to carry the dress without any additions, simply add a statement necklace and solid coloured accessories.
If you need to slightly tone it down, a sweater or blazer is your answer. Also don’t be afraid to belt it up if required.

6. Floral suits
If you are bold enough and your office environment is fashionably forward, then you can rock these.

When wearing this look, be careful to choose the dominant colour as the one that suits your skin tone and your inner wear should be a solid colour.

8. Floral accessories

If you are still not convinced and all the other options doesn’t work for you, you can go for floral accessories. When your outfit feels incomplete and you just want to add a neck piece or a floral scarf, go for it or It could be a floral moccasin or a floral cluth, it could even be a floral bangle…feel free to jazz up your outfit.

So if you have been thinking of wearing floral prints to work but didn’t know how, I hope these tips were helpful.
Any other ideas? Please let me know...Thanks for reading

Hugs & Kisses

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- Psalm 92:12