Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Hey people, how you guys doing today? its a wonderful wednesday morning and I hope your week is going well? so I have come again to knack una another far so good I have tried to reduce my tafia that is why I don't just bring any gist here but this one caught my attention...THE POWER COUPLE
At the moment I think Kim and Kanye are hotter than Beyonce and JayZ and I also think Kanye is one of the best things to happen to Kim abi what do you think?
So here are some photos from the Vogue magazine April edition cover shoot and I love it, its even more beautiful that North was part of it. Kim's gown is beautiful and I love her makeup.
I also have for your viewing pleasure the behind the scene video...oya watch


Look how beautiful they are...and their baby is breathtaking...chai my kids must soft sha e no go how dem wan strong sha*straightface*

Anyway on to the video
Or click to watch it HERE

Its just amazing looking through these photos and appreciating God's creation, please do not hate o...pray that God would bless you too.

Okay that's all for now would be back shortly...

Hugs & Kisses

Blessed is he who blesses you and cursed is he who curses you 
-Numbers 24:9b

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